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Burglaries rise significantly during both the winter months and the summer holiday period.

Crime prevention advice – Burglary

  • If you already have a Burglar Alarm, ensure that it is serviced each year and that you ALWAY turn it on when you go out AND when you go to bed.
  • If you don’t have a Burglar Alarm, consider having one installed: There are many wireless burglar alarms available that are quick and inexpensive to have installed.
  • Ensure your Door & Window locks conform to BS3621 and the requirements of your Home Insurance company.
  • Consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme if you are not already invloved in one.
  • Keep you most valued possessions (family jewelery etc) in a locked home safe.
  • If you by new electrical or high value items, don’t put the empty boxes our for the dustmen, take them to the your lock tip, or put the empty boxes into black bin bags.
  • Use Plug timers to give the impression that you are at home.
  • Be aware of local crime trends and crime figures for your immediate area. That way you can be better prepared.

Distraction Burglary:

More often than not, this happens when someone keeps you taking at the front door while an accomplice sneaks in through the back door to look for handbags, wallets, cash and car keys etc..

 Crime prevention advice – Distraction Burglary


  • If you’re not absolutely sure who is at your front door, then don’t open it. ALWAYS use a Door Chain or consider a Door Entry Phone System. Check the callers identity by calling the company they say they represent  i.e. gas, electricity, water, police. Don’t use a telephone number that they provide use the telephone numbers listed in the telephone directory .
  • If you’re still unsure, contact a neighbour or friend to come along and check out the caller before you open the door to them.
  • Most large companies will only call by appointment and offer a Password Scheme. When unannounced callers knock at your door they should know the password if they are genuine.
  • Don’t keep large quantities of cash at home and any cash you do have should be kept in a Home Safe;
  • Keep doors locked and windows secure at all times. If you don’t already have a Burglar Alarm, consider one with a facilty that alerts you to doors being opened even when the system is not turned on.
  • Once you have let a caller into your home, ALWAYS close the door behind them, that way there is no risk of someone sneaking in through an open door behind you.
  • If a caller at the door is asking for your help, (needs to use your telephone for example)  point them in in the direction of a phone box, a younger neighbour or assist them through a closed door.
  • Don’t open the door if you’re not absolutely sure!



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