Security Locks

Security for your home

Whilst we all need good quality locks on our doors and windows, one thing that has always been a great nuisance is the number of keys that we seem to have to carry around.

Every external door and window needs locking to keep out the burglar, and with these extra locks comes extra keys to our pockets bags and purses. Wouldn’t it be great if all the locks around our home worked on just one key..?

Well now they can..!

Streamline your security

No more inconvenience trying to find the right key, no more weighty pockets and purses that won’t close… 

Imagine the convenience of a front door, back door, patio door, garage door, garden gate and even the garden shed all operating on the same key. No more hiding keys in drawers or on hooks behind the curtains or worse still leaving keys in the lock. Yes we’ve all done it! just because we know where they are…. However, this method of key management is not only known by burglars but actually contravenes most household insurance policies.

Today we live in a world on convenience… so why shouldn’t it be convenient to lock our homes?

Securahome Wireless Security systems protecting homes and families in the West Midlands.