Wireless Intruder Alarms

Wireless Security Alarm Systems and Burglar alarms linked to your mobile phone…

The principle of the Securahome wireless security alarm system or house alarm, is to keep you informed of any problems relating to your home or anyone inside your home allowing you to get the right help quickly.

Whether it’s an intruder, flood, house firegas leakcarbon monoxide leak or personal emergency, you’ll be the first to know (along with 3 other contacts)

Further more the Securahome Wireless Security Alarm System will allow you to “listen in” to your home and “speak” to anyone inside via the systems microphone and speaker.

Control of the home security system (setting / unsetting) is achieved wirelessly via the handy “Key Fob” controllers or your mobile phone.

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Further notifications can be sent to inform you of other events within your home….

Receive notification when……

  • Your loved ones arrive home!
  • There is a Fire, Flood, Gas Leak, Carbon Monoxide Leak.
  • Someone has had a fall at home…and much much more.

Easy Control:

Turning the security alarm system on/off is achieved with either a Securahome Wireless Key Fob Controller or with your Mobile Phone.

Other Safety Detectors:

Carbon Monoxide Detector, Fire Detection, Temperature Extreme Sensor, Flood Sensors & External Detectors

Personal “Call to Assist” Transmitters:

Water Proof Wrist Transmitter & Pendant Transmitter

By adding a ‘Call to Assist’ transmitter to your house alarm system, the ederly or infirm can easily and instantly summon help from upto four people.


No wires, means No mess means No fuss…

It also means that our installation time, and therefore the labour cost is kept to an absolute minimum.

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Securahome Wireless Intruder and Burglar Alarm systems protecting homes and families in the West Midlands.


Need a User Manual for your existing Burglar Alarm?… We have a vast library of Alarm Manuals available, for more information or to let us know what alarm manual you need…. click here